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:: 07/07/2014

Had a quick change of the website to keep things minimal, I don't mind using simple HTML sites as they tend to be easy to load and easy to update (for me at least) and I like minimalism, the amount of ad filled, flash heavy wordpress sites that bombard you with utter crap annoys me so here is a black canvas with simple word and image splatters all over it.

I'm slowly being eaten alive in the summer heat by little gnats or whatever other people call them and as you can see in this picture I flare up quite badly. I'm covered in the painful fuckers and they tend to die down in about a week so I tend not to venture outside much when my hand looks like a rubber glove filled with water.

My main focus recently has been working on reviving my music label HATEMUSIC and pumping out new music that scarily for me isn't just noise music of cut up glitch shit, I'm actually trying to produce normal sounding but still quite experimental sounding audio works which will be released on a variety of formats and I am happy to finally say I am releasing a Vinyl (huge fucking boner over that)